Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Secret of Life

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For me, "The Secret of Life"  is to love to all that is.

The heart therefore is the main part of this composition, but maybe not that obvious to see.... like it is in life sometimes, where love is there, but might not be obvious to the superficial observer.

The tree stands for life itself.

Certainly I had to include another fractal (which I spiced up with lots of little lights) - here it is literally used as the light, the energy that's coming in, circling around us, spreading out.

Music has a large part when talking 'life' (as well as colours). It's kind of cool that the music-brush that I used had the word "cresc" (crescendo = progressive increase in force or intensity), which fits so very well my viewpoint of what's happening with life.... everything seems to be increasing, speeding up, in wonderful ways.

The map in the top right corner is the symbol that these concepts are valid for the whole world, the whole universe, all universes, all that is.

The funny thing is that I used brushes for all those round symbols without exactly looking what they contained. I was then very happily surprised seeing that I placed the Star-Tetrahedron just in the middle of the photo... and in the middle of the heart..... couldn't have done it any better if I had been thinking about it.
Another proof that it might be a very good idea to think less :-) :-) :-)

(And I really like how the structure of the frame turned out - used two Kim Klassen textures - even though I couldn't really explain how I did it.... it just came together all by itself :-)

And here is the fractal that I used in the composition above:

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