Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stay with Me...

Please click on photo to see it on dark background

This is one of my most favourite compositions off the iPad.
I already liked the simplicity of the original photo, and the colour scheme of the iPad modification so much suited the symbolic meaning, e.. story that I had made up for the photo.

I see the two powerlines, going on forever being parallel to each other, never touching.
I see the two birds, one lived on each powerline, they already lived side by side for ever, an they would have continued, if not one of them had decided that this wasn't enough.... now it's off to an adventure. Maybe it will come back. Maybe it won't.

The blue to purple combination is also full of meaning, the purple being a mixture of blue (masculine) and pink (feminine), showing the oneness of masculinity and femininity independent from gender.

I believe, the bird will come back. It will have learnt a lot in the meantime, it will have increased its understanding, its compassion, acceptance - and will realise how much it misses the parter of so many years. It will understand, that instead of waiting that the partner hops on it's powerline, it can also hop on the powerline of the partner.... and spend a bit of time there, before going back to its own powerline.....
Ah, yesssssss..........

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