Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Magic from Home

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The main topic is 'water' (because I LOVE water)... the drops that contain the seeds of magic. The ocean water is being used to show fullness. The flowers and golden colour stand for beauty, the raindrops make me aware that there are good reasons to being grateful even for rain and the butterflies are a symbol of abundance.

The text in the top right corner was taken from my diary:

I closed my eyes, sat still and did my breathing. Then I used the octahedron and yellow light and drew it into the head where the headache was. Then I drew the energy from the earth star up into the first four chakras.
And then suddenly, I didn’t have a body feeling at all anymore, other than the painful head. A hugely glowing golden light was all around me, huge, huge. I saw it. It wasn’t that I knew it’s there, I saw it - as clearly as the triangles band. I tried to draw it higher to go up into the head area, but that wasn’t the right thing to do, so I just let go of control.  Then I saw a blue-white light around my head, which melted nicely into the golden area around my body, and it was just plainly blissful. I even forgot the pain, even though it was very clearly there. Just nothing of my body left, and I was so endlessly big and then the blue-white-silver light stretched out and out and out and up and up and up, and I was one with everything, and everybody and God. And I nearly cried, but there was no physicalness to create tears with. It was probably the most amazing experience I ever had and I can’t even describe it.

I made this for Meg, Barbara and Steve, after the workshop 'PlanB - Igniting the seed of magic'.

It seems to become a habit that I am having difficulties at the last few steps of a composition to decide which way to go. At least two options are left, and I don't know which one I like better, very interesting.
Well, I'll post both, who says I can't :-)

And as always - please click on the photo for the larger version

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