Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dance with the Moon

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I was drawn to make this composite by my admiration/appreciation to the moon, or, the feminine (the large lady) that allows playfulness, singing, dancing, being happy (the little dancer).

The purple colours, the stars and the different light effects are meant to depict this again - femininity, playfulness, lightheartedness, allowing.

Then I decided to find a poem that somehow fits... and the little miracle occurred - The first one that I read was the one I used.
It had so many connections to my composition, unbelievable.
- Clouds of purple mist
- Goddess of the moon
- In glittering garments dressed

It felt as if I knew the poem already and made my picture for it. Just - in my reality, I first made the picture, then searched for the poem. Funny that...

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