Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spirit's Dance

Please click on photo to see larger size

On Saturday I found a new iPad app called Frax (http:\\fract.al), which ... as the name says .... deals with fractals.
And in such an amazingly beautiful way that I still can't believe.
I have been playing with fractals-applications since my first PC in the early 80ies, but never anything like this... and on the iPad, of all places. Who would have thought that it is even possible to create anything like basic fractals on a little gadget like this.

Anyway... I had to  save some of the results, they are just too beautiful. And then... I had to try to use them as background for some more PhotoArt.
Above is the first result and I am very happy with it.

It shows Spirit, our very playful cat, in full action. I love watching him and I love how he still surprises me with new ideas on how and where and what to play. This is LIFE.

Here the fractal result that is the background of the composition above, which is certainly A LOT more amazing when seen in full size on a large screen (this one is sized down so that it doesn't take too long to load):

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