Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Lonely Tree's Dreams

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My freshly renewed fascination with fractals made this day go past in a flash.
I keep pondering about the beauty of the fractals, looking at our trees outside, realising that they are full of fractals just everywhere.

Didn't take long and I knew I had to get a tree and the fractals somehow together - a tree dreaming of his basic particles... a tree dreaming of the fractalness of his being.

The tree reaches out trying to understand where it's coming from, why it is here and what it is made of. Even the consciousness of a tree finds these questions challenging to embrace - there seems to be a blockage that stops it from grasping the complete concept... A bit of confusion is there, too. :-)

For nearly all day the whole composition was black and white, and I realised something was missing. The red splashes of paint seemed to be just right - and I had to add a little more colour, a little bit of music (which certainly has fractals in it too! :-), a little smiley, a curious little cat.... there is some lightness, some playfulness... the pondering of central questions doesn't take over, it's just part of the whole.

And here the fractal result that made the background of this composition

Please click on photo to see larger version

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