Sunday, September 15, 2013

H2 - SelfPortrait

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Well, I got courageous and decided to work on a self-portrait. The main reason was that Sebastian, the guy who does the Photo Art workshop, said that we should collect photos of beautiful models to use in our photo art. And something within me just said, oh nooooo, that's not going to happen here! I can use photos of totally normal people, everybody has beauty within them!!!
So, why not start with myself?!?
Well, it's an 'interesting' experience to look at myself for hours and hours and hours.... but to look at three of me... that's nearly a bit too much. But, I did it, yeah!
I think it really takes quite a while to see all the different elements that I have used (and a larger version of the photo...) - there were 31 layers in the end, but many of them contained more than one element.
My goal was to use every colour from white to black, from dark to light. 
I wanted to show the different states that I feel I am in... mostly cheerful, but some skepticism  and questioning is there as well.... and my head deep in the clouds, hahahaha.
Spirit and Kiril are so much part of me, not in a physical way, but inside of me... so they had to be there too. 
The music within me.... my attraction to sacred geometry, the 'being an open book', the curls and the spikes.... and lastly the Golden Liquid Light - I am especially happy that I found that too!!! Ah, life is so good!!!

Update 27/9/2013: 
I had to change the composition, it was just not quite complete... The added cutrain feels much more than I see myself, not hiding, really, but rather always finding out something more about myself, something new. There is still so much more to uncover.....

And this was the first version :-)

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