Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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Whenever I go to town with the train, I have to go over a little bridge and a white fence that stops me from falling into the little river ... while at the same time, somehow it is inviting to just jump in, not sure why. Then I arrive at the railway station and walk on the line where it says in bold letters - WAIT BEHIND THIS LINE.
More and more often I am wondering if I might be listening to instructions like that where they don't make sense..... where do I keep holding myself back, where do I stop myself from enjoying life to the fullest, allowing my grand potential to come out and show off... ? :-)

Those two scenes (the fence of the bridge and the train-station command) became the starting point of this composition.

The background certainly is another fractal...

There is so much 'out there', potentials, possibilities, challenges, unbelievables... a very different world. And what is it that keeps us waiting behind the line? It's just one more step :-)

And funny enough - when I was feeling completed with this, I went back to cleanup the photoshop image from unused layers, and by just switching on one single black layer under maybe 40 other layers.... I got a very different result, which I now like as well... it just proves that even in the night, all those possibilities are available :-) :-) :-)

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