Sunday, October 6, 2013


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Funny how life goes sometimes - I keep looking at 'simple' objects and 'see' them in many different versions... kind of wondering why they look like thy look. For example, why is a pencil just straight, and exactly as long as it is, and how about making some changes and what would happen if.....

And while this has been going on in my head for a few days..... our weekend challenge was - to take a photo of a simple kitchen utensil and make art.
And that's how it came to 'forkingeristic' all objects on this composition, including the spirals, are parts of the fork that were somehow distorted - detailed explanations  are here:

And I had SUCH a lot of fun!!! :-)

And as it goes, again I wasn't sure about which version to use, as I liked another one as much... here it is:

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