Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Many Faces of Beauty

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Every day I see so many beautiful things... it is completely impossible to get them all onto one canvas.... so I selected just a few.
Faces, young and old, animals from beloved pets to insects, flowers, beautiful hand writing, the feet of Spirit (the cat :-) ), fractals, snow, water, shells ... ah so many beautiful things in this world.

Wouldn't you think that everybody can be happy?

Here the text of the poem that I used as handwriting background:

Eyes tell, tell me, what you tell me,
Telling something all too sweet,
Making music out of beauty,
With a question hidden deep.

Still I think I know your meaning,
There behind your pupils’ brightness,
Love and truth are your heart’s lightness,
That, instead of its own gleaming,

Would so truly like to greet,
In a world of dullness, blindness,
One true look of human kindness,
Where two kindred spirits meet.

And since I’m lost, in what entrances,
Studying those mysteries,
Eyes, may you be drawn to see,
The intention in my glances!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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