Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Take Me Home

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This was created for the 6th weekly challenge of the Photoshop Artistry workshop. I found joy in the simplicity of elements (even though we had to use three different textures) and was really happy when I managed to just get a little bit of colour showing up in all areas.

The bird's path can be looked at from top down... it lands high up and then flies down and further down to look for its home, which it finds on the lowest level.
Or the other way around.... the bird knows it is not at home on that particular tree, even though it got fed there... and now it's on its way up to find its real home...
or maybe all of that is wrong, and I just made it up!

It's a bit like life. Everything can be looked at from different point of view, and depending on from where I look, my interpretation of the situation can be very different.

Isn't it just miraculous!

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