Sunday, December 8, 2013

H2 - Artist's Card

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Challenge 12 is about creating our own 'Artist's Card', if we were to have an exhibition, a card that can be put on a piece of wood or something like that to be displayed with the pieces or art. First I thought I don't want to do it as I don't plan to display my art anywhere, and then I thought, well, why not - and... as per usual... had a LOT of fun.

Certainly couldn't ed with just one card either.

This one - and the versions below - are for those ties where I feel exquisite and gracious. The base of the card are fractals... which contain everything and create everything anyway :-) ... but somehow I needed to add some energy flow, and the Hermit's Lantern.

The below photos are modifications of the above, which I like as well, but not as much as the above one.

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