Sunday, December 1, 2013

Come Dance With Me

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This was actually a lot of fun. The task was to create a story in three pictures. One picture for the characters, one for the scenery and the last one for the dramatic situation... and then write a story to the three pictures.
Sounds very much like me, hahaha. Me no good with story telling... and not wanting to think about drama either... rather having ever lasting happy endings....

So, the story is about 26 Characters that were lost, useless and lonely. They didn't have anything in common, all had different fonts, all had different shades of grey, they crossed each other's path but couldn't even recognise each other. Each of them was lonely, but confined to their way of thinking... (that's the first photo above)

But one day.... a strange light showed up, they had never seen anything like that before.... but they all understood in their bones - it contained an invitation to dance... and they followed, one after the other. (That's the second photo)

And in no time their appearance changed due to the joy they experienced... they were able to recognise each other as similar ... they danced and danced till they were tired. Then, for the last dance of the day, they decided to create a queue, where each Character found its best place within the group - and so the Alphabet was created... (That's the third photo)

From when they lived happily ever after... just how I like it :-)

In my world, this story really is the story of humanity. We're all separate from each other, we don't understand each other, are fearful and lonely.

But just right now The Shift occurs... which really is energy... light... that's coming in, changing all of us.
And we DO all feel it (in our bones :-), one way or the other... there is a change happening... something bigger, different to whatever has happened ever before. Ok, right now, many humans react with more fear and  try to hold on to their life (as if it was so great!), and with that, create more suffering.

But eventually, all will come and dance... and all will come and see that we're one ... one large group of individuals that are connected ... and happy ever after... ahhhhh...... That's Home.

And below the whole story in one photo...

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