Sunday, December 8, 2013

H2 - Artist's Card - Off to Infinity and Beyond

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Well, this is the second result - Challenge 12, creating our Artist's card.

This one doesn't contain any fractals, therefore needed more different elements to contain all that is 'me'...
Starting top middle, going in a circle clockwise
- the dragonfly stands for the  animal world
- the flower where the dragonfly sits on - the plants
- the lighter blue card where the dragonfly hovers over - it has curly bits --> female, and straight lines - male
- bottom right corner - the symbols for technology and gadgets
- to the left the dreamy dragonfly - the fairy lands, dreams, spiritualness
- top right corner - the red splash - reality
- all over - the colours and the B&W as well as the bright light

And that's all me... :-)

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