Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leave Your Footprint in the Clouds

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I have been contemplating 'being an artist', and why I am creating these photos and what I want to achieve.... and the more I spend time on this, the more I realise that I do it because I feel so good when I have completed a piece of art.

There is no consideration of other people liking it or not, of it being art or not.... good or bad..... it's the feeling of achievement within myself that makes me start the next one.

"Footprints on the sands of time is kind of like leaving your mark in this world or society"

In opposite to that - leaving my footprint in the clouds, where the sun and the moon will see them.... not worrying about them becoming a 'mark in this world'.

My pieces of art have touched myself... while making them, and after completion.... they have fulfilled their purpose.
If they touch someone else.... wonderful.

I hear the smell of Beauty
I see the speed of Wind
I taste the Rays of Sunshine
... and I leave my footprint in the Clouds....

And then Sebastian posted the following quote on facebook a few days ago:

“To be an artist it is not necessary to make a living from our creations. Nor is it necessary to have work hanging in fine museums or the praise of critics . . . To be an artist it is necessary to live with our eyes wide open, to breathe in the colors of mountain and sky, to know the sound of leaves rustling, the smell of snow, the texture of bark . . . To be an artist is to notice every beautiful and tragic thing, to cry freely, to collect experience and shape it into forms that others can share.” — Jan Phillips

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