Friday, November 29, 2013

Going Home

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This one has such a lot of meaning to me that I find it hard to even begin to explain.

There is an obvious road.. that's leading home. There is a shadow coming from bottom left, that's me.
Looking around at all the beautiful elements - the open hand with flowers and candle, the large purple flower to the right and the moon, the person standing on the boat sailing over the water.....and the rainmaker to the left... they are all symbols for life, for balance, beauty, passion - invitation.

To me this means that it doesn't matter in which direction I go, it doesn't matter what I do, how I spend my time - everything leads HOME. There is no other way than the way home. There are no mistakes, nothing to be sorry about and nothing to regret.

I am living from my heart, I am kind to others and thoughtful of the environment. I am a conscious being, aware of how it feels to live in harmony with all relationships I have... relationships to people, animals, plants, un-animated objects and whatever else there is around.

And above all of that, I love to play and have fun :-)

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