Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Pretty much every morning my cat, Kiril RussianBlue von Haxtendorf asks me for a walk through our garden, riding on my shoulder. His brother, Spirit, accompanies us for a while, walking besides me, just a bit behind.

If I walk too fast, he jumps off. If my thoughts stay in the office, he jumps off.
He requires me to be in the moment. To feel his weight, to hear his purr, to understand where he wants me to go to and where to stop to check something in details. He is very interested in leaves that are high up, in birds that are out of his reach, in the smell of certain flowers... not sure what else. He sees colours that are hidden to me, smells smells that I can't pick up.
He has such a lot of interest and is always in the moment, takes it all in.

Such a good role model, I very much enjoy my morning tea time with him.

The composition above was triggered by Challenge 19 of the Photo Art workshop (, and reminded me so much of our walks.

The leaf in the grass was very well analysed by both cats, several birds and myself. It was very clear that it did not plan to go anywhere, it had found its home.

Nature intended perfection.

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