Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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Very funny sometimes - I had planned to take photos of my olf Chopin book to make some compositions.... and today we got offered the 'Vintage' deal from DesignCuts that contained quite a few textures that I was able to use here...

Chopin and Nepal, the two topics that have accompanied my life longer than any others, I think. And so I got this absolutely beautiful huge book about Chopin, the book is from 1965, but the photos in there are much older.... it's written in polish (which I can't read), but the photos are so absolutely beautiful that I feel it's a waste to have them locked away in a book.....

Photos taken from a book about Chopin from 1965 - "Chopin Na Obczyznie"
Textures by Design Cuts deal 20140226, also by MediaMilitia and MightyDeals
Brushes by lileya.deviantart.com/

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